Handfuel Products

We care how you fuel your body.


Handfuel's distinct products use recipes that emphasize nutritional value while maintaining unparalleled flavour profiles.  



Handfuel's Spanish Marcona is nicknamed “The Queen of Almonds”. Rich in natural oils, Marcona almonds have a sweet, smooth & unique flavour.

Health Benefits

Source of Vitamin E and Magnesium, Low Cholesterol, 0 Trans Fat, Gluten Free  



Handfuel's mixture of raw walnuts, pecans, and dried fruits provides a balanced assortment of antioxidant packed fruits and raw nuts that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.  Fuel up with this perfect combination of taste, energy, and antioxidants!

Health Benefits 

Rich in Omega-3, 0 Trans fat, Gluten Free, High in Fibre





Handfuel's mixture of roasted almonds, pistachios, and dried fruits, and seeds provides an unparralled sweet and spicy flavor profile. This mixture not only hits the spot when your hungry, it is also rich in Vitamin E, and Minerals including Copper and Magnesium.

Health Benefits

Excellent source of Vitamin E and Copper, Good Source of Magnesium, Source of Fibre, 0 Trans Fat, Gluten Free 




Handfuel's mixture of Hazelnuts, Dried Fruits, Gluten Free Grains, and Sunflower Seeds is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins. Its nutritional complexion and crunchy taste make it the perfect snack in between meals. 

Health Benefits

High in Fibre, Good Source of Magnesium and Vitamin E, Excellent Source of Copper, Gluten Free, 0 Cholesterol