Benefits of Cashews

What are cashews’ nutritional benefits?

  1. Protects against cancer: Cashews are brimming with proanthocyanidins, a type of flavanol that starves tumors and prevents cancer cells from dividing.[1]
  2. Cuts heart disease risk: The oleic acid found in cashews promotes sound cardiovascular health by reducing triglyceride levels, which is associated with heart disease risk.[2][3]
  3. Improves bone and joint health: Cashews’ magnesium[4] and copper[5]content work in concert to strengthen bone mass. Most of the magnesium in your body is stored in the bones, so if you’re deficient, your bones will suffer. Copper helps keep bones and joints flexible by synthesizing collagen and elastin.
  4. Relaxes nerves: Magnesium in cashews prevents calcium from over-activating nerve cells, therefore relaxing them.[6] This action keeps your blood vessels and muscles relaxed as well. (You may notice that if your magnesium levels are low, you often get muscle cramps.)
  5. Keeps skin and hair healthy: The copper in cashews helps to manufacture various enzymes involved in hemoglobin and collagen formation.[7] Collagen is the main structural protein found in hair and skin that gives it elasticity – so you can think of copper as one of the precursors to your luscious locks.
  6. Aids in weight loss and maintenance: Cashews contain less fat than other popular nuts including peanuts, pecans, almonds, and walnuts. Yet what makes them a winning “weight loss nut” is that they are nutrient- and energy-dense, and high in fiber, which makes them more filling — a boon for managing weight.[8][9]
  7. Prevents diabetes: Most recently, a study[10] found that cashews reduced systolic blood pressure and increased HDL cholesterol concentrations in people with diabetes.